ManageFlitter is a Twitter account management tool that helps you to manage the Twitter users you currently follow, discover new users to begin following and find those who unfollowed you.


ManageFlitter is one of several Twitter clean-up tools available, but ManageFlitter is pretty comprehensive with all that it offers. ManageFlitter has both a free and paid version, with its “Follow” and “Track” (analytics) capabilities being exclusive to paid subscriptions.

Features of ManageFlitter (Free)

With ManageFlitter’s primary “clean out” function being the identification of those who have unfollowed you or do not follow you, the default view you see after setting up your account is the Unfollow tab, with the Not Following Back sub menu selected.


Along the left side sub menu, you’ll see options to locate followers who have No Profile Image, or who qualify as Inactive, Talkative and Quiet.

When hovering over any Twitter profile in your view, you’ll see a pop-out on the right side of your screen. That pop-out displays that user’s Twitter bio and account details like Tweets per Day, Following, Followers, etc.


Clicking the check boxes next to any profile allows you to unfollow those users from your current screen.

Bio Search, Tweet Search & Google Plus Integration

Clicking on either the Bio Search or Tweet Search sub menu tabs prompts a pop-up search window.


Enter in the term or terms you are interested in to locate Twitter users who match that criteria.

Clicking on the Dashboard tab and scroll down a bit to locate the Turn On/Off Google+ Sharing option.

The next screen prompts you to add your Google Plus ID and customize your sharing.

ManageFlitter-Google-Plus-TwitterWith so many valuable tools and features, it’s easy to see why ManageFlitter is a popular Twitter account management clean up tool.

What is your favorite feature of ManageFlitter? Have you integrated Google Plus with your Twitter account?


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