Dropbox: What It Is and How to Use It

It is increasingly important for a company’s data to be easily accessible online. This type of data management is called having your data in the cloud or cloud data storage. This is a great resource because it creates a backup of your data, provides multiple team members access to the same files and allows your data to be very well protected at a low cost.


What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a popular data management tool. This cloud storage platform can be accessed online and used to backup all types of files including presentations, contracts, videos, photos and songs. Even better, Dropbox folders can be shared among a variety of approved users. The provided remote accessibility to a group of designated users makes Dropbox an excellent file storage system for a many small businesses.

How Do I Use Dropbox?

To get started using Dropbox, you simply need to set up a username and password. From there, you can begin uploading files for storage. After clicking on the upload button, you can drag and drop multiple files to upload at once. You can add as many folders as you want in any order you’d like. You can ultimately mirror your file organization on your computer to use Dropbox as a remote computer backup.

How Secure are My Files?

Dropbox uses the same level of security that banks use to encrypt customer data files. Add to that the fact that your files will only be shared with people whom you’ve designated them to be shared with and the fact that you can choose to share only specific folders, your data has a very high level of security. That said, please be sure to take proper caution when choosing a username and password.

Dropbox Mobile App

To make life, and file sharing, even easier, Dropbox has a mobile app for iOS and Android platforms. This allows you to upload, save, edit and share your files on the fly. This mobile enabled sharing means you can access your data anywhere, anytime. The ease of use makes things as simple as backing up your phone’s pictures become second nature. It makes cloud computing a simple necessity.

Cloud computing is a simple way to store your data while making it accessible for multiple users. The ease of use Dropbox provides makes it an excellent cloud file storage choice.

Do you use cloud computing in your business? If so, what do you use?

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  1. Ian Anderson Gray

    I love Dropbox- it’s so easy to use, and the fact that its cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone) is great.

    You can get people to send you files through a form by using a service like Jot Forms – http://www.jotform.com/dropbox/ (something we find really useful)

    Dropbox hasn’t had the greatest security record. Technically if the government forced them to give access to your files they could, and there have been some concerns about the way they store duplicate files across their network. If this is the case then Secret Sync might be the answer which encrypts your files within Dropbox. It’s currently Windows only but they are working on a Mac version. Check this Lifehacker article- http://lifehacker.com/5799313/secretsync-secures-your-sensitive-files-before-syncing-them-to-dropbox-and-weve-got-beta-invites


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