How to Post Facebook Updates to Twitter

In terms of social media best practices, it’s ideal to craft updates for and post to each social media platform individually. Hashtags don’t translate well to Facebook. Not everything you casually tweet is appropriate for the professionalism of LinkedIn. And a link posted from Twitter to Facebook won’t have the same EdgeRank as a link and photo manually posted to your Facebook fan page wall.

There are some circumstances where sending your Facebook status updates to Twitter may work for your brand, though.

  • You prefer spending the majority of your social media time on Facebook.
  • You’re hoping to draw some of your Twitter followers over to your Facebook fan page.
  • You don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to social media, so cross-posting means the difference between some type of activity coming out of your Twitter account vs no activity at all.

Connecting your Facebook fan page to your Twitter account so all your status updates post to Twitter, too, takes just a few steps.

5 Steps to Connect Facebook to Twitter

1. From your fan page, click to Edit Page. Then navigate to Resources.


2. Under the Connect with People section, click on Link your Page to Twitter.


3. Click on the Link to Twitter button next to the fan page you want to connect (These same steps work if you want to connect your personal Facebook profile to Twitter).

4. You’ll be taken to your Twitter login page asking to authorize the Facebook app. Approve the app.

5. You’ll be redirected to the previous screen and given the option as to what Facebook activity you want to publish to Twitter. Be sure to save any changes you make.


Your Facebook fan page updates will now automatically be sent to Twitter.

How do you simplify your social media activity?

* Post update: You can now head directly to: to link all pages you admin, plus your personal profile.


  1. Tehila

    Such a helpful post! Thank you… There are a few little changes in the process since you wrote this post, but they are really minor, and I still found my way around very easily…

    Keep up the great work Eli-Rose! I love reading your excellent tips and tricks…

    • Admin

      Glad you found your way around! That’s the thing with social media (particularly Facebook), it’s always changing! 🙂

      Here’s a link to connect either your fan page OR your personal profile to Twitter in case that’s of interest to you:


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