If you handle your social media in-house and want to know what you should start doing, stop doing, and keep doing with your small business’ social media presence, our social media site review is meant for you. We’ll take a look at  your recent social media update history, the types of content you’ve posted, and your posting schedule. We’ll also review your social media profiles. Then, we’ll give you feedback and pointers on which updates were great, which updates could be improved upon, advice on how to improve them, and suggestions for a fine-tuned content and posting schedule, and optimized social media profiles.

This is the concept behind our Social Media Site Review Service.

Social Media Site Review Service

Social Media Site Review Service for your Small Business

Our social media site review includes:

  • Assessment of your current social media profiles or pages, including bio, cover and profile photos, and other platform-specific account fields, with written recommendations for improvement
  • Audit of your recent social media updates history, including post copy, engagement habits and frequency (4 weeks’ worth of history for Facebook, 1 week worth of history for Twitter, most recent 10 Instagram images, top 5 Pinterest boards and 15 most recent pins, etc.).
  • Review of the content mix & media shared to your social media profiles
  • Review of your social media posting schedule
  • Hashtag research and usage (per platform)
  • Written feedback provided with assessment of and recommendations for all of the above

Social Media Platforms We Audit

  • Facebook Business Pages
  • Twitter accounts
  • Instagram Business Accounts
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Pinterest accounts
  • Google My Business listings
  • YouTube channels (and videos)

Oftentimes, small changes in timing, content, keyword use, and post style can mean the difference between “OK” social media engagement and “fantastic” engagement, helps present a strong, unified brand message, and moves potential customers further down the funnel towards becoming your new client.

Contact us today to take the first steps towards a better, more effective social media presence for your small business by calling us at 901-496-3902, emailing us at [email protected], or by completing the short form below.

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