Brand Yourself to Higher Google Search Results

Reputation management isn’t for just businesses; Googling your own name is something you should do from time to time in order to know how you look to the internet. Brand Yourself is a free online tool that shows you what the Page 1 results for your name look like, and then helps you to look even better.


You begin by creating a Brand Yourself account with an email address and password, or via LinkedIn or Facebook login. You then enter the name you want to check and monitor (e.g. My full name is Elizabeth Jostes. I only ever use Liz Jostes, so that’s what I typed).


Step 1: You begin the Brand Yourself process with your “Score“, which will evaluate your current Page 1 standings on Google. You’re presented with the top 10 results for your name and you can mark each of those 10 results as Positive, Neutral or Negative.


After marking all 10 results, you are given your score.


Step 2: Create your Brand Yourself profile. Choose your profile design, upload a photo of yourself, designate your industry, profession, location and contact info, and also complete biographical and previous job experience information.

Step 3: Submit (positive) links for yourself. Free profiles include the submission of up to 3 links, which Brand Yourself also tracks going forward. Links to submit can be social profiles or website URLs.


Step 4: Boost your links through Brand Yourself’s tips. The links you submit and boost are then tracked so you can watch future Google search result improvements.


Brand Yourself suggests a 2-6 week waiting period before you’ll be able to notice a change in Google search results. The Brand Yourself profile you created will likely settle in as a Page 1 search engine result for you. And in those few, quick steps, you’ll have done wonders for your personal branding and search engine results.


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