How to Use your Business Blog to Showcase your Expertise

As you’ve no doubt heard, creating a business blog can have any number of benefits for your company. In addition to helping create a stronger Internet presence for your brand, a business blog can help you establish yourself as a subject matter expert.

However, it can be hard to decide how you actually do those things. The three types of posts below can help you showcase your industry knowledge and set yourself apart from the competition.

Industry Update

Creating posts that recap updates that have happened in your industry can help you to come up high in searches. It also ensures that your existing customers will look to you as an expert who can answer any questions they may have when they are uncertain about what is happening. For instance, if you own a telecommunications company, posts on new technologies that have been developed, release dates on products or company news can all help establish your credibility.

Case Study

People often connect to an idea more easily when they are given examples. Using existing projects you have worked on as case studies to highlight your knowledge is an easy way to get your customers to understand the breadth of your expertise. For instance, if you make cakes, highlighting one each month that is particularly unique and takes a fair amount of skill is a great use of your blog. Along with showing people your ability, you cause them to brainstorm on projects they may want to hire you for.

“How To” Tutorial

One of the ways many blogs are found is through people looking for demonstrations on how to work on a project themselves. If you own a shop that knits custom children’s clothing, you may consider doing an easy post that instructs people as to how to complete a simple project themselves. By providing this free content you accomplish several goals. You establish yourself as knowledgeable on the topic, you give people a reason to come to your site and you provide them a way to make projects more simply than you may be interested in taking on. This helps position you in a way that when they’re ready to place an order, you’re the first person they come to.

There are many ways that creating a business blog can help your business. Positioning you and your brand as experts in your field can only put you one more step ahead of the competition.


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