Each social media platform has its own “best practices”. On Twitter, for example, you’ll increase the chances your link will be clicked on if you locate it somewhere other than at the end of your tweet.

Facebook is definitely the trickiest platform on which to master your social media engagement, based largely on its EdgeRank algorithm.

There are a few key elements you should always have in a Facebook status update to put your best foot forward towards engaging your fans.

4 Tips for Writing a Good Facebook Status Update

  1. Include a photo. Photos have the most “weight” according to Facebook’s EdgeRank, which means status updates that include a photo will likely be shown to more of your fans.
  2. Ask a question. Posing a question or including a Call to Action (CTA) is vital. Be sure your questions only require one word or a short phrase to answer, though. People’s Facebook walls are full of updates; the more effort they have to put in to respond, the less the chance they’ll interact with your status update. If you would like them to respond in some other way (e.g. LIKE your update), be sure to specifically write, “Click ‘LIKE’ if you agree!”.
  3. Include a link. If you are telling your fans about a new product or blog post you want them to check out, be sure to include the URL (bit.ly is OK, too) in your update.
  4. Tag relevant pages in your status updates. If your update mentions another business or organization, be sure to tag them in your status update. Doing so will alert those pages that you mentioned them. Over time, this is a great way to build the potential for cross-promotional opportunities or them giving your brand a shout on their page.
Below is an example of a Facebook status update that includes all 4 tips mentioned above.


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