Woobox: Add a Pinterest Tab to your Facebook Fan Page

Integrating your Pinterest pins with your personal Facebook profile is one thing, but sharing your pins to your Facebook fan page is another.


Enter Woobox: A free app that allows you to display all your pin boards on a tab on your Facebook fan page.

How to Use Woobox to Add a Pinterest Tab

1. Start by clicking on the green Install Pinterest Tab button.


2. Choose the Facebook fan page you want the tab installed on. (One excellent feature of Woobox is that it allows you to authorize a single fan page to add it to vs forcing you to authorize use on all the fan pages you admin. Not all Facebook fan page apps allow that level of flexibility.)



3. Enter your Pinterest username in the field. You can decide if you want all of your boards on your new Pinterest tab or just some pins from selected pin boards. Woobox also allows you to create a “fangate” for your pin boards, meaning that a person would need to LIKE your page before viewing your pin boards.


Once your settings are finalized, you can view and access your Pinterest pin boards from a tab on your fan page!


Have you integrated your pins with your Facebook presence?



  1. Brianna

    I don’t have my Pinterest and Facebook connected because I don’t want to clog my friends’ newsfeeds, but I am definitely going to integrate it with my fan page.

  2. Nick Steeves

    Wishpond also has a Pinterest Tab for Facebook Pages that’s completely free and allows you to browse every Board and Pin directly within the Tab, instead of being re-directed to Pinterest to view.

    Learn more here – http://corp.wishpond.com/pinterest-tab/


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