How & Why to Save a Twitter Search

As internal platform search functions improve, the amount of precise information to be gleaned from those platforms increases. Twitter drastically improved how you can search its platform while still maintaining its pre-existing Advanced Search function. Twitter also allows you to save up to 25 searches (per account).

How to Save a Twitter Search

Type the word or phrase you want to search for into the search field at the top right corner of your page. Once the search is completed, you’ll see a gear icon on the right side. Click on the gear icon and select “Save Search“.


To re-run a saved search, simply click anywhere in the search box and your list of saved searches will appear. Once a search is saved, the gear icon provides an option to delete a saved search, too.

Why You Should Save Twitter Searches

The two reasons to regularly search are the same as why you should use any real-time social search tools:

  1. Reputation management
  2. To find users who are relevant to you or your business

Setting up saved searches in your name, your business’ name and likely variations of your business’ name can aid in reputation management; being able to address and follow-up with a frustrated customer in a timely manner can make all the difference. For those interested in finding more relevant users to follow, searching by location or keywords will allow you to quickly and easily identify and follow new handles who will hopefully like what you tweet and return the follow.

What are your favorite social search tools?


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