What is “Safe” to Pin on my Pinterest Boards?

Now that the dust settled a bit regarding Pinterest and copyright infringement concerns, and a suggested list of Pinterest Best Practices has evolved, (addicted) pinners also have the added benefit of easy – and safe – sharing between popular photo, video and e-commerce websites, and Pinterest.

So what are the current signals that an image or page are OK to pin to your Pinterest pin boards?

  • The website offers a Pin It button to encourage others to pin images or articles from their site.
  • The website has a Pinterest social media icon or red “Follow me on Pinterest” button.
  • You pin (or re-pin) something from one of the sites Pinterest has created a relationship with.

Attribution & Easy Sharing with Pinterest

Pinterest has developed an “attribution and easy sharing” relationship with sites like Flickr, Etsy, Vimeo, SlideShare and YouTube. The attribution line is not editable, so the original owner of that image can feel confident that his image will always be forever linked and credited back to him. Also, the attribution is easy to spot because Pinterest uses the original site’s logo to the left of the link source.
A pin with Flickr attribution.
A pin with Etsy attribution.

Two More Pin Considerations

While you won’t need to worry about the possibility of a correct link being edited if you repin a pin with Flickr attribution, for example, it is still very important to check the pin source of your other pins and re-pins. I regularly find pins that lead me to a spam site or to an image that has been removed. Pins that lead me to a blog’s home page instead of the specific post containing the image that was pinned, are equally frustrating. One other possibility to be aware of are sites that pull images from several places and include them all in one post. The owner of the website pulling in all those images may be active on Pinterest, but what about the original source for each of those photos? In that case, I follow the photo credit link, check that website for permission to pin, and then make my pin from that website – the original source.

What sites would you like to see have an attribution and easy sharing relationship with Pinterest?


  1. Brianna

    I always go to the original source when pinning something, no matter what it is. Proper attribution is so important.

  2. Mad Woman behind the Blog

    Giving credit where credit is due: I came back to this post to guide me on a project. Thank you!



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