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Late last spring we told you about Chirpify, the first Twitter commerce tool on the market. Chirpify gives businesses and non-profits a way to turn their tweets into transactions with the use of PayPal and a simple “Tweet – ‘Buy’ Tweet Reply” process.

Now Chirpify has integrated Instagram into its platform, furthering the opportunities for brands and small businesses with an existing presence there.


According to a Chirpify press release:

40 percent of the world’s most popular brands are on Instagram, and between Twitter and Instagram, there are about 250  million people and brands that can utilize Chirpify for in-store and online purchases, donations, exchanging funds and much more.

3 Steps for Using Chirpify for Instagram

  1. Post a photo of the product you are selling with the initial comment of “#InstaSale $amount”.
  2. Chirpify automatically creates a listing that people can transact with by commenting back on that photo.
  3. Chirpify will post back a comment on the photo that instructs followers how to purchase.

Watch How to Create a New Chirpify Listing

For the visual folks out there.

Although this tool can be helpful to businesses all year round, the integration of Instagram with Chirpify is timely for those retailers looking to maximize their social media presences during the holiday season.

Would you purchase a product via social media?

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  1. Brianna

    I’ve purchased books before with “Pay with a Tweet.” I like the concept, but I think authors lose out because a lot of people probably don’t pay anything using this format.


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