Facebook fan pages are set up in such a way that fan page admins cannot access personal profiles nor non-public updates posted by individual users, and also must wait for individuals to Like their fan pages in order to begin building a relationship.

Google Plus business pages initially were set up in such a way that page managers could not interact with nor circle individual users until those users first circled that page. Though once someone added a business page to their Circles, that business could then initiate contact and interact with that user and their updates.

So from the get-go, Google Plus had a leg up on Facebook with regard to interaction and engagement with the Average Joes.

The announcement from Google that business pages can now interact with updates posted by individuals who have yet to circle those businesses (plus, that Google Plus analytics will eventually be forthcoming), means the engagement wall between businesses and individuals has been significantly lowered.

This is a big move for Google Plus, and one that also impacts Facebook. With Google Plus business pages now being able to interact with regular users (in hopes those users will choose to circle them back), and there not being any differences in access between business and personal users on Twitter and Pinterest, Facebook is now the lone major social media player with this type of customer engagement handicap.


Well played, Google.

How has your activity level on Google Plus changed in the past year?

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