Your Business is Boring. Your Blog Doesn’t Have to Be.

boring businessWe all know which business are inherently “sexy”: web design, coffee shops, movies, interior decorators and the like seem to have a monopoly on interesting content. How in the world are “boring” businesses, like accountants, lawyers, contractors and others supposed to compete in the flashy social world? It’s actually surprisingly easy.

Here are a few ways to make blogging and social media work for even the most boring business.

  1. Be Interesting It sounds counterintuitive but every business has a sweet spot. If you’re a lawyer, for instance, many of your potential customers may be bored to tears if you’re consistently explaining the difference between torts and contracts. However, a post highlighting the effects of not having a will is sure to highlight to people just why this legal documentation is important. Let’s face it, most personal attorneys are sure to have some dramatic stories of things gone wrong. Choosing a topic that is educational and worthwhile, and people can relate to will increase your relevancy.
  2. Teach them to DIY If you run a contracting business, for instance, using blogging, Facebook, YouTube and other platforms can allow you to show your clients and potential customers how to do some basic things for themselves. Teaching them how to prepare plants prior to painting their house, for instance, is a great way to differentiate yourself in the market. It helps those who may be searching this topic find you, see you as an expert and know you’ll take care of their plants should you ever be hired to paint their house. This is a great way to build trust and community without giving away any complex trade secrets. Let’s face it, you know lots of things that the average consumer does not simply because you do them every day.
  3. Catch their Eyes Even if your industry is something you consider people would find boring, it’s likely you can use great images to catch someone’s eye. A local exterminator spells I Love You in cockroaches every year to a huge Facebook response. It’s unconventional but that’s precisely why it works. Find a way to catch your audience’s eye, and you’ll catch their attention.
  4. Community Involvement While we always encourage you to engage your community online, it’s also important to highlight your involvement in your actual community. If you sponsor a little league team, post updates on how they’re doing. If you are active in a fundraiser or annual walk-a-thon, let your audience know. People love to be involved with businesses that have a social conscience. So use social to let everyone know you do.

Social media truly is about being social. So even if you think your business is boring, you can find a way to be social with your clientele.



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