What is Vine?

vineRecently, Twitter released an app called Vine for iOS devices. Vine allows you to record six seconds of video which it then plays on an endless loop. Much like Twitters 140 character max, this six second max is designed to make videos easy to consume.

Vine allows you to record one thing for six seconds, or take several videos that fall within the six second limit. Vine edits video clips together for you and really does limit videos to a hard six seconds. It seems unbelievably short but you can create some unique content due to the limit.

Vine videos can be tagged with a Geolocation through FourSquare. They also provide ability to share to Facebook and Twitter in addition to simply posting to Vine.

You’re probably wondering how this is relevant to you or your business. Many people are saying that Vine provides a way for individuals to document their lives in real time. If you want a better insight into Vine, check out Vinepeek to see Vine videos as they come in real time.

Or, check out one of my favorite Vine videos:

{Open the link below for instructions on embedding Charlie Love’s post on Vine: https://vine.co/v/bHVuvrKAmg1/embed}



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