How Morning Radio Can Help you with Social Media

memphis-morning-radio-showWhile I drive my kids to school in the morning, I listen to 1 of 2 popular Memphis radio stations. Because we are typically in the car during the same window of time Monday through Friday, I hear the same parts of these 2 morning shows.

Both stations run a bit where they pose a question to their listeners or share about some unusual or strange news story. They then open the phone lines and put people live on the air to give their thoughts or answer.

Recent topics discussed include:

  • Bad drivers
  • Best local burger
  • Strange workplace rules
  • What the tooth fairy pays these days
  • If pregnant women should receive Mother’s Day gifts
  • Whether or not it’s a good idea to “Friend” your boss on Facebook

These questions and topics always attract a lot of response. Each time I’ve listened to one, the conversations are lively and interesting enough to make me think, “Do I know what the station’s number is to call in myself?

So what does radio have to do with social media?

Morning radio shows figured out long ago how to properly engage their core customer – the average morning radio show listener. Businesses trying to learn how to do the same with their core customer – but on social media – can learn a lot from watching the techniques these morning radio show hosts have perfected.

Rules for Social Media Engagement

So, what are the morning radio show customer engagement lessons to be learned?

  • Know your Audience – If you haven’t ever profiled your typical customer, do so now. For the sake of your business and your social media efforts. For example, these radio shows know that people listening to their stations during that time of day are typically driving into work or driving their kids to school and then heading into work. 
  • Be Relevant – Relevant for your customer demographic and psychographic make-up, and relevant for the time of year. That’s why workplace issues, Mother’s Day and parenting topics like the tooth fairy work for them.
  • Social Media Isn’t About Selling 24/7 – None of the topics for the call-in bit ever have anything to do with the radio station. And all of them have to do with common life, work and family experiences and frustrations most people face.

People respond to these questions because they identify with them. They’ve hollered (and perhaps raised a finger) at bad drivers. They’ve made Mother’s Day brunch reservations. They eat lunches and dinners out. And they have the same types of office annoyances than you do.

Try to think about *who* your core customer is, what they care about and how they are likely to spend their time and money. Then use that insight with your social media content planning.


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