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Setting up free alerts for mentions of your business, your industry, and your products or services is a definite ‘best practice’. You can set up these email alerts for both web and social media mentions, and doing so is a vital part of reputation management.

For a long time, Google Alerts was *the* tool to use to monitor web mentions. But as many have noted, the quality of Google Alerts has greatly diminished.

So, what’s a business owner to do?

Set up some Talkwalker Alerts instead.


Creating Talkwalker Alerts

As expected, you’ll need to first create and confirm your new account. From there, you need to enter your search query. Your search query can be a single word or a phrase.

Tip: What I’ve found is you may need to go back and edit your existing alerts by adding “quotes” around a phrase. For example, I want to monitor mentions of “Eli Rose”, but I’m not interested in every mention of the word “rose”.

Then for the rest of the fields…

Result Type: Choose among Everything, News, Blogs and Discussions (I recommend sticking with News and Blogs)

How Often: Choose among As It Happens, Once a Day and Once a Week

How Many: Choose among Only the Best and All Results

Email: Enter whatever email address you most prefer to receive these alerts


Talkwalker Alerts also accepts the import of a .csv file of other alerts you’ve set up, including Google Alerts.

It only takes a few minutes to set up this free notification service that keeps you in the loop on the content you most care about.

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  1. Julie Hong (@J_Hong3)

    Dear Liz,

    Thank you for this great review! I am happy that our solution suits your right, and firmly believe it is vital for all businesses to use such tool for their brand monitoring.

    Have a great day,



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