Good Customer Service – Are You Positive?

good-customer-service-be-positiveI recently had the unique experience of popping a few ribs out of place. For those that have not experienced this phenomenon, it is painful and leaves you short of breath due to increased pressure on your lungs. Needless to say, it is not loads of fun.

This led to my first experience at a chiropractor. As I lay on the table, I was anxious not knowing what to expect. The chiropractor rolled me over so I was twisted onto my back. I closed my eyes and took as deep a breath as I could, bracing myself for discomfort. As I exhaled, I opened my eyes.

Then I smiled. For on the ceiling directly above my head, the chiropractor had posted a small business card that said simply: keep smiling.

I wondered how many people had done the exact same thing I had.

The thing about that business card is this: it instantly put me at ease. Without a word, the chiropractor had recognized what a vulnerable position many patients were in and had addressed it in a simple, surprising manner. It made the entire experience better for me.

Later that day, I wandered down a street lined with shops. As I perused the goods in a window, I noticed a small sticker that said “You are beautiful”. Again, I smiled.

It made me think about customer service. Customer service is about more than just selling and supporting your product effectively. Really good customer service is about making your customers happymaking them feel good about working with you and your company.

When you think about your customer service, are you promoting a positive message? Making your customers feel good about themselves and the possibilities for their life? If not, some simple changes and attitude updates can encourage them to believe their lives are good. With that, you improve not just your business but also their lives. Don’t you want to be an agent for good?

To provide truly great customer service, just be positive.


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