Your Weekly Curated Awesome for 8.9.13

small-business-social-media-consultingSome of you have kids who have started back to school, while others are trying to squeeze the last few weeks of summer for all they are worth. In case you missed it this week, Facebook made a big announcement on Wednesday regarding changes made to its EdgeRank algorithm. This week’s curated awesome also includes reads on WordPress plugins, pursuing your dreams and hilariously-overused corporate phrases.

  •  News Feed FYI: A Window into News Feed Facebook published its explanation of the news feed changes on its own Facebook for Business blog. Facebook claims these moves are to improve the news feed experience and have proven an interaction increase of 5% among Friends and 8% among fan pages.
  • Unfortunately, the news of *changes* to EdgeRank – the algorithm that controls its news feed – caused some people to proclaim that EdgeRank is dead. EdgeRank, however, is NOT dead. Here’s a great read from PostPlanner that explains the changes to EdgeRank, including the introduction of Last Actor and Story Bumping. If you want some social media strategy tips on how to maximize the benefits of these changes, check out this HubSpot read. Bottom line, though, is that high-quality content still reigns supreme.
  • 13 WordPress Plugins to Sort and Display your Content Everyone loves a good plugin, right? Here are 13 to check out if you are in the market for great ways to highlight your own awesome content.
  • 35 Business Phrases that you Wish Would Go Away Because it’s Friday. And these are funny. And we all undoubtedly say at least one of them.
  • Strategies for Pursuing the Dream On the Side, Outside of Work Many small business owners and entrepreneurs took their first steps toward making their dreams a reality while keeping their day jobs. This article provides helpful advice for figuring out a way to make your dream a reality without it overtaking your life.

 What do you think about the EdgeRank changes? Will story bumping be a saving grace?


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