Your Curated Awesome for 9.27.13

small-business-social-media-consultingI’m happy to say we’ve had a great week including hitting a new follower milestone on our LinkedIn page and some great conversations in our free private Facebook group – let us know if you’d like to be added to this group by sending an email to

This week, let’s kick things off with some humor that’s also educational.

1. Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon use Hashtags This humorous skit has been shared by almost everyone we know. While it’s definitely a joke, its widespread sharing indicates something we should all know: hashtags should be used sparingly. When your updates are all hashtag heavy, you eventually sound laughable.

2. Facebook becomes Twitterfied According to this article, Facebook will start using users comments as media content. CNN, The Today Show and more will start promoting users’ comments on Facebook as supplements to their programming. This follows Twitter’s partnership with Nielsen. The social media giant chasing Twitter’s trends seems to be one more indication that they’re floundering.

3. Google Introduces New “Hummingbird” Search Algorithm Since the advent of the Internet, searches have become more specific. To better deal with long searches (eg. What does the Hummingbird Search Algorithm mean for my small business?) Google has developed the Hummingbird search algorithm. The goal is to match the meaning of queries with the most relevant results.

4. Bill Gates Admits Ctrl + Alt +Del was a Mistake This interesting article shows that even great leaders can make mistakes. Even more, it shows that mistakes can become widespread. This key combination is still used today. At this point, it may in fact be a boon for security but it’s interesting to hear how things can develop out of mistakes.

5. Haunted House Reactions In celebration of the Fall season, I offer you this montage of haunted house reactions. It’s funny but it’s also a great example of a business creating content they’ve already got to spread the word about their business. Well done, Nightmares Fear Factory. Maybe it will get you thinking about what unique content you might have to promote your business.

What have you read this week that’s great? Share it with us and it may be featured in a future round up.


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