The Art of the Follow Up: Why a Handwritten Thank You Note is Important

In any business, you know that making a good first impression is key to starting your relationship on the right foot. However, many businesses neglect to really perfect their follow up and as a result, often miss out on repeat business opportunities.

Recently, my son took a golf lesson. It was a special treat for his birthday and not something we intended to repeat regularly. In fact, it was even in another state since it was a treat from his grandparents while we visited them. Still, his instructor was fantastic and he really felt special getting to do something so unexpected.


Still, when we returned home, his instructor took the time to send us a handwritten thank you note. We didn’t receive an automated email – no, she took the time to get our home address and pen a handwritten note. This follow up made the likelihood of her getting more business very high. As impressed as we were, my in-laws were even more impressed. They were quick to tell everyone what great customer service we were given. So, while she never expected additional business from us because we lived far away, by putting in a little extra effort this instructor grew her business through referrals.

Following up with clients with handwritten thank yous, holiday cards, or even simply sending them reference articles you think may interest them, can help you build your business in ways you never expected. Taking this extra effort may not guarantee you additional sales, but it builds your reputation as a business that cares enough to go the extra mile.

You never know how your efforts will pay off.

How do you show your clients you really value them?


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