Why You Should Go To Sleep

why-you-should-go-to-sleepDear small business owner or blogger or otherwise harried professional,

Go to sleep.

I know your type. Every night you tell yourself you just need “5 more minutes” to get “one more thing” done. Let’s face it: It’s never five minutes. It’s never one thing.

Yet being constantly over-tired can make you less efficient, less creative and overall less likely to finish one more thing. It’s a never ending cycle. Plus, being constantly over-tired probably makes you crabby and unpleasant.

It’s hard to achieve your goals when no one can stand being near you.

So, all the evidence is in: go to bed. Stop playing candy crush, stop pretend redecorating your house on Pinterest, just go to bed.

Why is this so hard to do? Because we’ve come to believe we should always be busy. That we can all do it all, the latest and greatest, and keep going strong.

I’m tired just typing that.

How can we get better at going to sleep and taking care of ourselves (and as a result, doing better in business)? Studies everywhere will tell you not to drink caffeine, and to get plenty of exercise. Those are important, but I think it’s more than that. You need to find a cue that works for you – something that makes it unequivocally clear it’s time to sleep.

Personally, I use lists. When I’ve crossed off all the things that absolutely must be done today, I go to bed.

(Well, let’s be honest. I watch 20 minutes of TV, then I go to bed.)

As a result, I get more done. Who knew?


  1. Amanda Austin

    Testify! Now, how can I actually do it?

  2. Alyse

    Finally! Somebody said it!
    It sounds almost counter-intuitive, but it’s true.
    My freshman and sophomore years of college can attest to this.


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