Launching Your Business: What You Should Outsource

outsource-business-launchWhen you’re launching your business, you’re often short on two things: money and time. This can make it extremely difficult to determine what you should put off, what you should stay up late making sure it gets done, and what’s worth it to bite the bullet and pay for someone else to do it.

1. Accounting Sure, you’re pretty good with numbers. I mean, aren’t we all? However, many businesses can benefit from an accountant to prepare their year end tax documents at a bare minimum. If you’re feeling enterprising, managing lots of inventory or using an online transaction system, you may find the investment in a bookkeeping system throughout the year to be a great benefit to your business.

2. Social Media Deciding whether to outsource social media can be a tough decision. It may make sense to first decide whether you can save time by paying for social media tools. From there, you’ll need to look at your overall online strategy and decide how much you think social media can add to your business. If it makes sense for you, be sure that you outsource to a company that understands what your online goals are.

3. Cleaning If you own a brick and mortar store, it really needs to be clean. If you don’t have the time or the staff to ensure this happens, consider hiring a company to help you keep your location spic and span.

4. Administrative Tasks In today’s world, there are many options for outsourcing administrative tasks. From hiring someone part time to help you file paperwork and count inventory, to hiring a virtual assistant to do data entry, you can save time and ensure this work gets done well by hiring someone for administrative tasks.

Even if you’re an existing business, you may find a point at which you need to find some things to outsource. What’s a task you have entrusted to others?


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