3 Business Habits to Cultivate

business-habitsI’ve learned the hard way that exercise is important. Last year, my back started to spasm and I faced an ugly truth: take care of my body or it will revolt. I find that making exercise a habit is important to making sure it happens. Without consistency, it’s easy for me to slide out of habit with my exercise routine.

The same holds true for business. If you don’t stay on top of things, it’s easy for them to slide. Here are a few habits you can get into that will significantly improve your business.

1. Business blogging Many businesses start a blog, post twice and then get caught up in life. They revisit their blog when they have a promotion to run…only to find it has been 9 months since their last update. Taking the time to blog even just once a week can have powerful SEO benefits. More than that, though, it can create a habit of thinking about your content, strategy and forcing you to take the time to write regularly. Forming a habit makes this task seem like less of a chore.

2. Striving for inbox zero I’ll be the first to admit: I rarely actually achieve inbox zero. Yet, I make it a regular habit to go through my inbox and address the items in it. Anything that still needs action stays in my inbox. Other items are filed into appropriate folders once they’ve been addressed. I typically have 3-5 emails that need action in my inbox at any time. Yet, if striving for inbox zero weren’t something I made a habit of, it would be easy for me to lose sight of tasks that needed to be done. Making it a habit to respond to people is crucial. Many businesses lose customers and potential customers because they simply never respond to inquiries. Make it a habit to clean out your inbox in a way that works for you.

3. Updating social media I know, I know. Social media takes time. But there’s value to it. But making it a habit to spend ten minutes a day on at least one platform will make your life easier. You’ll get to know the people there. Eventually, it may even be fun to meet others in your industry and talk about the business that you love. Social media is about being social, so if you only update it to announce a new promotion, you’re really missing out. Your social media presence needs to have a consistent presence. Make this a habit and it may just become something you enjoy.

What are you favorite business related habits?


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