The Art of Delegating (Correctly)

how-to-delegateI’m a big believer that kids should not get a fully free ride. So, when it’s time to clean the house, the kids are actively involved.

As you can imagine, this has mixed results.

Sure, I teach my kids about responsibility, but I also have to accept that the work is not done in the way I would have done it. I have to realize that if I want them to meet the deadline set, I may need to follow up on occasion.

Now, most contractors are nothing like your children. But they also are not you. Before hiring someone to work on your behalf, consider these things:

  1. Do the samples of their past work match what they say they can do?
  2. Is what they’re promising “too good to be true”?
  3. Do they care or did they ask about your business goals?
  4. Are there any constraints or conflicts between their schedule and your projects timeline?

Major doubts in any of these areas can be reason to keep talking to people. You may find you are willing to wait for the perfect person or pay more to get great service.

Because ultimately, if someone else writes your web copy and it’s full of typos, you didn’t get your money’s worth. For what it’s worth, I think one typo is easily corrected and it’s important to remember mistakes happen. We are all human. However, grammatical errors and typos galore only hurt your business.

Which brings me to a gentle reminder. When delegating, it is important that you still review the work done. Too many people have a website put together that they do not read or test thoroughly. They’re often unpleasantly surprised – shocked even – when they find their contact form never worked. Read your website, click all the links, even if you paid someone else to do it. I know you delegated to save time and drawing that line is important. But typos, broken links, and malfunctioning features on your website live until you correct them, and are likely seen by many more people than you think.

How do you chose who you delegate your tasks to? Take your time and ask questions until you did the person that best suits your needs. Work on the front end will save you time and money on the back end.


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