Your Curated Awesome for 10.24.14

small-business-social-media-consultingYes, Uber Drivers are Rating You. Welcome to the Future of Reviews. If this trend continues, the online review aspect of conducting business will suddenly become a much more level playing field.

10 WordPress Backup Plugins You Need to Know About No matter your CMS, you really need to set up a backup for your website. If you are on WordPress, this process can be pretty easy. We use BackupBuddy on our site, and it’s one of the 10 listed here.

LinkedIn’s Backdoor to Connections Call it a “hack” or a “workaround”, this handy trick is helpful when trying to reach out to someone you are interested in connecting with, but whom you don’t already have a true, pre-existing relationship with.

Most Important Technical On-Page SEO Elements (Infographic) I’m not a big fan of infographics, but this one does an excellent job of highlighting the crucial elements of SEO and zeroing in on exactly why each matters.

23 Seldom-Used Ideas for Twitter Lists What’s likely the most utilitarian feature on all of social media keeps getting better with all the ways you can use Twitter lists.


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