Using Impressum on your Facebook Fan Page {Quick Tip}

Sometimes businesses have the need to post a set of rules or guidelines to their fan page. It could be a commenting and moderation policy for the fan page, or some legalese pertaining to client or patient privacy. Facebook has a feature called Impressum that is designed for this exact purpose.

Facebook fans and other users can locate the Impressum in the left sidebar of your page, and by clicking on your fan page’s About tab.


In this example, a Florida hospital has published information that addresses patient privacy, comment moderation, what will and won’t be addressed on the (public) fan page, and to call 911 (vs. posting to the fan page) if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

Setting up Impressum for your Fan Page

You can locate the Impressum feature by visiting Settings –> Impressum on your fan page. You have a 2,000 character limit.


Please note: This feature is available for fan pages that include their physical address in their About section, and is not available on all fan page types.

For more information on using Impressum on your fan page, here’s a link to Facebook Help on the feature.


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