Using Latergramme for your Instagram Scheduling

As the use of Instagram for business continues to increase, so does the need for Instagram photo publishing and account management tools. Just like with any other social media management tool, not all Instagram scheduling tools are created equal. But more on why this is an important issue specifically with Instagram tools in a bit.

Latergramme allows you to plan and schedule your Instagram photo publishing through an app on your phone or through a browser on your computer. With an upgraded Latergramme account, you can also like and regram (meaning, repost another Instagram user’s photo to your feed, while giving credit) when signed in to your Latergramme account on your computer.

According to their home page, Latergramme offers:

  • Easily plan & schedule your Instagram posts
  • Upload images from the web or phone
  • Management from the web app or mobile app
  • Get scheduled images pushed to your phone

Latergramme also has team and multiple Instagram account capabilities.

So, all this sounds good, right? Now let’s dig in to how you using Latergramme. Step 1 is always going to be: Create an account.

Using Latergramme to schedule Instagram photos

How to Create your Latergramme Account

1. Visit and click the big blue “Sign in with Instagram” button.

Use Latergramme to schedule your Instagram photos

Begin by signing in to your Instagram account in the browser on your computer.

Sign in to your Instagram account

Authorize Latergramme to connect to your Instagram account.

Grant Instagram account access to Latergramme

Select the email address you want to use for Latergramme, then set your password and time zone.

Latergramme account password and time zone

Lastly, install the Latergramme mobile app on your smart phone. The app is free.

Install Latergramme App on your smart phone


Latergramme allows you to plan and schedule photos from your computer or the Latergramme app on your phone. Both the app and your browser access allow you to upload and schedule a photo right away, or upload a photo now, and add a caption, hashtags, and schedule it at a later time. You can view your Unscheduled, Scheduled, and Posted photos from the app or your computer.

Scheduling an Instagram Photo using Latergramme

Here are screen shots of the app interface.

Sign into Latergramme app

Add new photo to Latergramme

Schedule future Instagram posts with Latergramme

Open Latergramme photo in Instagram

Make sure you enable push notifications as soon as you’re given the option! Latergramme will notify you (via push notification) when the time has come to post.

Enable Latergramme push notifications

When you upload a new photo, Latergramme auto-inserts “#latergram sent via @latergramme”, but you can delete that and add your own photo caption.

Edit caption in Latergramme

You can upload a photo without scheduling it. If you do, it will be placed in your Unscheduled column of photos. If you do want to schedule the date and time of publishing when uploading the photo, you’ll do so after writing your caption.

Once you are all set, click the golden “Upload” button.

Scheduling through Latergramme app

If you are using Latergramme in your browser, here’s what your dashboard looks like. You can upload a new image, add a caption, and then click to Save. When you are ready to schedule it, drag and drop it into place on the calendar.

Latergramme desktop dashboard

You can drag and drop to rearrange your scheduled times in the Dashboard on your computer.

Latergramme desktop scheduling

It doesn’t matter if you plan and schedule your Latergramme posts through the app or in your browser, you’ll still be notified to click to publish your photo via Instagram.

Latergramme phone scheduled photo notification

Choose Instagram share settings and edit caption before publishing

Once you open your Latergramme photo in Instagram, all Instagram editing options are available to you. Simply walk through the Instagram process like usual, including determining what other platforms to share to.

Additional Latergramme Features and Cost

If you have a Business or Premium plan, the Search & Regram feature is available to you. You can click on the yellow “like” button to like a photo, or click on Regram to share that photo with your Instagram followers while giving credit.

Latergramme search and regram

I created a free account with Latergramme. Latergramme offers Business and Premium accounts as well. Both Business and Premium Latergramme accounts include team members, search & regram capabilities, and at least 2 connected Instagram accounts. The Premium account maxes out at 250 photos per month, whereas all Business accounts have an unlimited photo sharing feature.

As mentioned at the start of this post, Latergramme is just 1 popular Instagram management tool, but it does have an important distinction among many of the options available: you still need to post your photo from the Instagram app on your phone.

At first glance, this might seem like a huge negative. However, this publishing step is actually what all Instagram tools should be doing in order to correctly follow Instagram’s Terms of Use.

Yes, there are other Instagram tools that will publish your scheduled photos for you, but those tools aren’t properly following Instagram’s Terms of Use. You’d hate to jeopardize your Instagram community, so playing it safe – even if that means a bit more effort by you – is always the best way to go.


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