QUICK TIP: 2 Ways to Identify Who’s Tweeting your Blog Links

In a perfect world, every blog post and website page of yours that’s tweeted would include your Twitter handle so you could easily tell who was spreading the love (and choose to thank those people, if that’s your style).

When you set up your website, you probably customized your Twitter button to include your handle so that anyone tweeting your blog post directly from your site would have your handle auto-inserted in that tweet.

But we all know there are many other ways your blog posts and website pages can be shared on Twitter, and without having your handle included so you receive a notification of that tweet, you have to actively search to identify the people sharing about your company.

Here are 2 quick and easy ways to see who is tweeting your new blog post links.

2 Ways to Identify Who is Tweeting your Blog Post Links

How to Search Twitter.com to Identify Users Tweeting your Blog Posts

Copy and paste your link into Twitter’s search bar In looking through the search results, you’ll see that some tweets include your handle and others do not.

Search Twitter for Link Tweet Activity

{Click to enlarge}

How to Use TweetDeck to Identify Users Tweeting your Blog Posts

1. Set up a search column on TweetDeck First, you need to add a new column to your TweetDeck. Start by clicking on the “+” sign in the left sidebar. Then select the Search option.

Search TweetDeck for Twitter Users tweeting your Blog Posts

Setup TweetDeck's Search Function

2. Copy and paste your blog post link.

Search Twitter for link using TweetDeck

3. Click on the blue Add Column button.

Add Twitter Search Column to TweetDeck
4. The column will be added to the end of your existing TweetDeck columns. If you want to keep this column active and plan to use it a lot, you can rearrange the order of your TweetDeck columns so you don’t have to scroll so far to the right each time you want to check it out.

Add New TweetDeck Column
Once your column is in place, you can simply edit the link as the days go by to search for newer blog posts being shared instead.

Edit Link in TweetDeck Search

A nice feature with both of these searches is that it doesn’t matter if a long URL or shortened URL were used when tweeted; Twitter can still identify your link.

What are your thoughts on thanking other Twitter users for tweeting your blog posts or website pages?


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