Twitter Analytics

For a long time, there wasn’t much of anything in the way of native Twitter analytics. If you connected your Twitter account to a social media management tool like a Sprout Social or a HootSuite, or used Buffer or, you had access to analytics that way. But Twitter itself didn’t offer many meaningful stats.

Twitter Analytics

Now all that has changed, and changed in big ways. If you haven’t yet peeked inside your Twitter Analytics, you should do so. You can get to it by visiting and clicking on your profile photo in the top right corner, or by visiting .

Access Twitter analytics

Twitter Analytics – Home Tab

When you land on the Home tab view of your Twitter Analytics dashboard, you are shown a brief overview of the last 28 days, and percent change.

Twitter Analytics Home Tab

You can scroll down to see monthly snapshots including the count of profile visits, tweet impressions, and tweets linking to you, and top tweet activity.

Twitter analytics Tweet highlights

Twitter notes at the top that tweet activity is updated daily.

Scrolling back up to the Twitter Analytics navigation menu, you can select to view more in-depth data by Tweets, Followers, and Twitter Cards.

Twitter Analytics – Tweets Tab

At the top of your Tweets page, you see an overview of the past 28 days.

Twitter analytics Tweet tab

You can select from pre-set date ranges, or customize your own view. You can also click to export your data.

Select date range for Twitter analytics

If you hover over any bar in the graph, you’ll see details on the number of tweets and impressions earned for that day.

Twitter analytics organic impressions

The column headers like “Engagement rate” will reveal a pop-up box with an explanation of what they measure when you hover.

Twitter analytics explanation

Beneath your Tweet Activity graph, you’ll see the analytics for your individual tweet history. The right column shows graphs of engagement data.

Twitter analytics tweet history

Twitter Analytics – Followers Tab

Your Followers tab delivers insight on those who follow you. Data like demographics, lifestyle, consumer behavior, and mobile use are included. Many of the detailed charts includes a notation that the data included in that chart is based on a % match from Twitter partners.

Twitter analytics follower tab

You can also change the data view, compare your Followers against another group of Twitter users, and add additional filters.

Twitter audience insights


Change audience insights Twitter

The Demographics view displays household income, education, net worth, occupation, home ownership, and home value information. This view compares your Followers against all of Twitter.

Twitter Follower demographics

The Lifestyle view displays interests and TV genre data.

Twitter follower lifestyle analytics

The Consumer Behavior view displays credit card holder, consumer buying style, aftermarket auto buyer, and consumer goods purchase data.

Twitter follower consumer behavior analytics

Lastly, the Mobile Footprint view displays the wireless carrier name of your Followers.

Twitter follower wireless carrier data

Twitter Analytics – Twitter Cards Tab

You’ll first need to set up Twitter cards for your blog to have data in this area. Once you do, Twitter will track tweets that use a Twitter Card. You can change the date range for this data as well.

Twitter analytics Twitter card

See the engagement for your Twitter Card tweets over time.

Twitter card engagement data

The types of Twitter Cards have increased over time. This is a helpful chart to use to compare different types of Cards on your site.

Twitter analytics compare Twitter card types

It’s easy to see what Twitter Card tweets performed best. You can click on “view tweets” beneath each link to see who tweeted your content.

Twitter card link clicks

See which links performed best.

best performing link tweets

Identify your top Influencers who are tweeting links that include a Twitter Card.

Twitter analytics top influencer data

There’s some additional data available for those tracking conversions or installs.

All in all, Twitter Analytics are chock full of data goodness, prepped and ready for your analysis.


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