Facebook Marketing: How Users Redeem your Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers have been a Facebook advertising option for a long time, but they are not something that you come across very often in your News Feed. Facebook Offers are probably the closest thing you’ll get to a traditional coupon on Facebook because you are essentially extending a coupon code to Facebook users to later redeem either online or in your brick and mortar store. As the business creating the offer, you get to decide the number of people who can redeem your Offer. You also can decide how the Offer is redeemed, and by when.

How Facebook Users Redeem your Facebook Offer

My family and I enjoy Broadway productions at a theater in our city, and I am a fan of that theater’s Facebook page. I had recently been eyeing the play “Newsies” which is coming to town this December. I was pretty excited when I saw a Facebook Offer come through my feed and quickly clicked to redeem it.

Facebook Offer Saved

I clicked to redeem so quickly that I didn’t grab a screen shot of the Offer beforehand. You can see in the image below that the button on the bottom right reads, “Resend Offer”.

Resend Facebook Offer

As a user, you can see how many people have already claimed the Offer, and when the Offer expires.

You can click to share the Offer with your Facebook Friends.

Share Facebook Offer with Friends

When I clicked on the image, I could read the Offer details and choose to read the Terms. This is where I can see how my Offer can be redeemed (in this case, in-store or online).

Facebook Offer Terms

Facebook emails you your Offer to the main email address associated with your account. Don’t worry – the business that created the Offer does not receive your email address.

When you sign into your email account, you’ll see the Offer email sent from Facebook with the subject, “Facebook Offer: (Name of your Offer)”.

Facebook emails you Offer

Once you open the Facebook Offers email, this is what it looks like.

Receiving Facebook Offer in Email

In the case of the Offer from “Newsies”, I was able to purchase tickets for their Memphis run 3 days ahead of the general public. This is a great example of how an Offer doesn’t need to be a discount. I know that for me, having the chance to choose and purchase my tickets before the general public was of great value.

What kind of Offers have you accepted as a regular Facebook user?


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