It’s never too late to get started on social media for your business! As time goes by and social media platforms change, the profile build process evolves, too. Here’s what you need to know if you are creating a new Facebook fan page in late 2015.

create your facebook fan page

Creating your Facebook Fan Page

  1. Begin by visiting Next, choose your page type. Don’t stress too much about this; all Facebook pages have the same look and functionality. The page type is mostly about how you categorize your business (more on this below) and whether or not you need to include a physical address for your business location. Select Facebook fan page typeYou’ll want to select Local Business or Place if you want to include your physical address on your page and give people the ability to check-in on Facebook when they visit your business.
  2. Once you’ve clicked on your desired page type, you’ll be asked to choose your category and enter your page name. Choose Facebook fan page categoryThe page name is what is displayed in large white letters, to the right of your profile picture on your Facebook page.Set Facebook fan page nameIf you select a page type, review the category list, and feel perhaps a different page type could suit you better, simply click on it instead. Once you’ve settled on the page type and entered your page name, click the blue Get Started button.
  3. On the next screen, you’ll enter text that will be used as your About section and your website address, and choose your Facebook URL. Previously called your Facebook Vanity URL, this is the direct address to find your business on Facebook. Claim Facebook Fan Page URL  It’s very important to set this. Without it, you’ll have a long, impossible to remember URL and your page will be extremely difficult to find in search and tag in updates.
  4. Upload your profile photo. This can be changed and cropped once your page is created, too. Facebook Page Profile Photo
  5. You can choose to add your new Facebook page to your Favorites so you can easily find it in the left sidebar of when on desktop. You can skip this, too. You can also add or remove pages from your Favorites at any time.Add New Facebook Page to Favorites
  6. This next step is a newer feature presented when you create a new Facebook page. Facebook will let you set some audience-defining parameters. According to Facebook, “Anyone can find your page, but we’ll do our best to put it in front of people who matter to you most.” Facebook Page Preferred Page AudienceOnce you create your Facebook page, you can always access the Preferred Page Audience from your Page Settings, too. Modify preferred fan page audience
  7. Welcome to your new Facebook page! After you complete the previous 4 steps, the page will refresh and you will land on your new Facebook fan page. You will be given the option of taking a Facebook page tour. You also can add your cover photo, set up your call-to-action button, finish completing the page description and info fields, and invite your Facebook Friends to “like” your new page. New Facebook Page TourYour Facebook page is live on the internet at this point. Once you get everything filled out like you want, you are ready for prime time! You can post content, invite your friends and run Facebook ads.

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