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Google Analytics “out of the box” is an exceptionally valuable website analytics tool. Considered the most accurate analytics tool you can use, it can feel overwhelming to new or even casual users. Google does have a few other products that integrate with Google Analytics including AdWords, Webmaster Tools, and Search Console. Each product has its own steps you need to take to connect that product to your existing Google Analytics account. This post walks you through connecting your Google Analytics account to your Search Console, which will provide you additional data on your site’s search engine optimization.

Google Analytics Search Console Integration Steps

Google Search Console Website Verification Steps

When signed in to your Google Analytics account, visit Search Engine Optimization –> Queries –> Reporting. You’ll see the posted information below that Search Console integration needs to be enabled in order to access that SEO information within your Google Analytics dashboard.

Click the grey button to set up Search Console data sharing.
Google Analytics Search Engine Optimization

The Search Console integration is made from within the Admin –> Property Settings of your account.

Google Analytics Property Settings

Scroll down and click on Adjust Search Console.

Adjust Google Search Console

You will see the word “none” if you do not have your site verified. Click on Edit. A new tab will open.

Google Analytics Search Console Settings

You are now viewing Google’s Search Console. Click on the Add a Site to Search Console button to continue.

Add Site to Google Search Console

Verify that you do want to head over to Google Analytics to continue the verification process.

Add a website to Google Analytics

Welcome to the Search Console! You can also visit to get here. Add your URL into the field provided, then click Add Property.

Welcome to Google's Search Console

The Search Console provides tons of important website data like crawl and index info, linking info, and security data. Once you have verified your site in the Search Console, you can see and access all of the above.

If you’ve added an SSL to your domain, you’ll need to add it as a new property in your Search Console along with adding a new meta tag (or your preferred method of site verification) as well. Google also recommends adding both the www. and non-www. versions of your domain as additional properties within your Search Console account.

You have multiple ways to potentially verify your site with Google. You can do so with your domain name provider.

Verify site with domain name provider

You also can pretty easily verify your site yourself by choosing either the Google Analytics or the HTML tag option. If you choose the Google Analytics option, all you’ll need to do is click to verify. You do need the correct type of Google Analytics tracking code installed on your site for this option to be a viable one, however.

Verify site alternate methods

Though the HTML option may sound a bit complicated, all you need to do is copy and paste a line of code into the <head> section of your site. If you use a CMS like WordPress, you likely have a field built in to your theme’s settings meant for this, so you don’t actually need to know anything about HTML or coding to verify your site this way.

Verify site with Search Console using HTML tag

It may take some time to get the green check mark. The couple times I’ve recently done it, it took about 10 minutes or so (and several failed click attempts) to work. So do try to be patient.

successful verification of site in google's search console

When you return to the Search Console page, you’ll see your verified URL now listed. Click on the radio button to select that URL, then click Save.

Save URL in Google Search Console

Next you’ll see your newly verified site listed in your Search Console. You can click on it to manage it and view all the types of important site data mentioned above (indexing, crawl, security).

Manage website in search console

Back inside your Google Analytics account, you’ll see your URL now listed in the Search Console Site settings.

Website Search Console verification enabled

Most of Google Analytics reporting is 24 hours delayed (an obvious exception to this is if you are viewing the live feed). Check back in a few days to see the new data being reported in the Search Console –> Queries section of your Google Analytics dashboard.

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  1. Sheila Hensley

    Excellent article, Liz on a terrifying subject for some. Was for me. Must be done and if you are like me . . . don’t hesitate to ask for help. Sounds like you know how and can help Liz! 🙂


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