Your Curated Awesome for 4.8.16

LogoRose2015-200x200Spring breaks are over and the countdown to summer is ON! As the weather turns warmer, people tend to spend more time outside…and offline. Catch up on some of the news you missed this past week!

How to Make Small Talk This is more than making actual conversation, but also about reading cues from those around you to decide when is the right time to join the conversation.

Facebook Live for Groups If you haven’t found this out the hard way, now any Group member – not just Group Admins – can “go live” within your Facebook Group. Time to update those Group rules!

How to Access Facebook’s Secret Message Folder You’ve Probably Never Seen This isn’t quite the same as your Other folder. When I looked, I found tons of junk but some people are finding legitimate requests.

Yes! Social Media DOES Work! Not like we didn’t already know this, but this article includes social versus other forms of advertising and marketing.

P.S. Anyone going to #SMMW16? If so, tweet me! I’ll be there!


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