5 Things Good Web Content Needs

More and more these days, people are checking out businesses and products online before making purchases. So, we know that your website copy is important. But maybe what we need to discuss more is what actually constitutes good copy.

Here are some hallmarks of good content.

5 Things Good Copy Needs

5 Things Good Web Content Needs

  1. It highlights benefits Your website needs to explain what you’re offering – the features of your product or service. But if you don’t explain what the benefits are as well, people don’t know why they should care. Imagine going window shopping and reading that the windows feature a 3/4 inch bevel. Who cares? What does that even mean? For the record, it means nothing. I made that up. That’s how important this is – your audience isn’t as educated as you are. You can make things up and they won’t know. So they have no idea if what you’re saying is good or not – so be sure to explain the benefits of what your offering is so they know why they should care.
  2. It is easy to understand In order to run your business successfully, you need to understand the nitty gritty details of your industry. Your customers are hiring you specifically so that they do not need to understand every last niche detail. Make sure when you write your copy that you are informative without being overly technical. If people can’t understand what it is that you are providing, it’s unlikely that they will purchase it.
  3. It sets you apart Once people understand why they need your product or service and the benefits it offers them, they need to understand why you are the best company to work with. Do you offer the highest quality? Do you extend the best ongoing technical support? Is your price point unbeatable? Make sure that customers understand what it is you offer that no one else does. Otherwise, you might be doing a great sales job for your competitors.
  4. It doesn’t disparage others It’s extremely important to differentiate yourself from other businesses. But it’s important to remember that that sounds more like “Here’s why we’re great” rather than “Here’s why they’re terrible“. Your tone tells your customers a lot about your business. Get them excited to work with you because of all the things you do wonderfully and you won’t ever need to cut someone else down.
  5. It’s fun Good websites are aiming to keep the readers…reading. That way they can learn about what you offer and why it’s great rather than going somewhere else. So being overly technical or boring or no fun does not keep people reading. You know your stuff. You can show customers that without outlining the nitty gritty detail of everything you do.

Good web content can help to inform your website visitors what you do, why it’s important, and why you are the best company for the job. Checking these boxes can make it so that by the time your customers pick up the phone to call you, they’re already sold.


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