Are you ready to get serious about the Facebook presence for your business but instead of needing to create an optimized Facebook Page for your business, you have more than 1 Facebook listing that you’d like to combine?

It could be because a former employee created a Page years ago and then left (and you forgot you had it until now). It could be because you wanted to change the name of your Page and you thought you needed a whole new one instead of changing the name of the one you had. It also could be because you were late to the Facebook party, and over the years customers created a Facebook Place listing with their check-ins at your local business, and you now want to pull that in to your main Page.

The good news is that you have the ability to merge Facebook Pages (or Place listings) into 1!

How to merge 2 Facebook Pages

How to Merge 2 Facebook Pages

In order to begin the process of merging 2 Facebook Pages, you first need to be an Admin of both Pages you want to merge. If the Page or Place you want to merge into your main Facebook Page isn’t currently under your control, you’ll have to first claim that listing as yours.

Begin the process of claiming your Page by either clicking on the “Is this your Business?” link in grey, or by clicking on the box with the 3 dots on the right side of the cover photo, and then choosing “Is this your Business?” from the drop down menu.

Is this your business Facebook

Claim your business Page on Facebook

How to Merge 2 Facebook Pages

Once you have Admin control of the 2 Pages involved in the merge, you can begin the process.

  1. Visit the Page you want to merge into your main Facebook Page, and click on Settings. Scroll all the way down to the Merge Duplicate Pages tab. Click Edit. You’ll be asked to re-enter your password to continue. Facebook merge duplicate Pages
  2. Now you’ll be asked to complete the Page Merge request form. Do read through all the bullet points listed about how the merge works and what is required before proceeding. If you recently became an Admin of one of the Pages, there is a waiting period before the merge can be completed. Merge Facebook pages Choose 2 Facebook Pages to Merge Facebook Page Merge Waiting Period
  3. If/when you are allowed to merge your 2 Facebook Pages, you will be shown what Page will remain and what Page/Place will be merged into the “main” Facebook Page. Then simply click to submit and wait until the merge is complete. Confirm Facebook Page Merge Request Facebook Page Merge request successful

Once your merge is complete, you’ll be all set! Your second Page will no longer be found in search.

If you are running into trouble merging your 2 Facebook Pages, it’s likely because Facebook is giving you an error that says your 2 Pages aren’t enough alike to complete the merge. If this is happening, check these items:

  • Do you have the same Page name on both Pages?
  • Do your cover photos and profile photos match?
  • Do you have the same URL, contact information, etc., on both Pages?

Once the Facebook Pages you want to merge are similar enough for Facebook’s liking, you will be allowed to submit the merge request.

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