3 Blogging Myths, Busted

Of all the potential marketing tasks a small business owner could undertake on behalf of their business, blogging tends to receive the most resistance. Business blogging is misunderstood, in my opinion. Yes, I’m writing about how fabulous blogging is for your business on my own business blog so I do clearly have a bias in my recommendation. However, it’s because I’ve seen the power of blogging first hand (and for many years) that I highly recommend it to any and all small business owners as an essential marketing task.

Let’s take a look at 3 of the most popular blogging myths and why they simply aren’t true.

3 Blogging Myths Busted

3 Blogging Myths, Busted

  • Blogging Takes Too Much Time Too often business owners who are reluctant to blog focus on the time it takes to write and edit a single post. This reasoning is flawed, however, because it stops short of considering all the ways you can use (and reuse) that blog post for your other marketing tasks, plus the value of each blog post long term as a method of driving organic traffic back to your website via organic search. Each blog post is not only a new link on your website (and new chance to rank for a fresh set of keywords in Google search) but you can use it as content to post on all your social media channels. You can use it as content in your newsletter. You can use it for a Facebook ad to A.) drive traffic back to your website and B.) build up your Facebook remarketing pixel audience.
  • I Have Nothing to Blog About/My Business is Boring What questions do you get asked all the time by your customers? Each of those questions are PERFECT blog post topics. Plus, if customers are asking you those questions, you know those are the same questions customers and potential customers are Googling. What better way to win a new sale by showing your expertise while helping a potential customer solve a problem with your blog post?
  • I Don’t Like to Write/I’m Not Good at Writing Whether you like it or not, you’ve been explaining concepts and ideas, and teaching your customers since you opened your business. Sometimes written (email) and other times verbally. The fact is that you have been providing complete answers to your customers’ questions for years, and simply publishing that information on a blog post shouldn’t intimidate you. You’ve already been doing that same work.

So now that we’ve addressed those 3 most common blogging myths, are you thinking a bit more about beginning to blog for your business?



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