Your Curated Awesome for 8.26.16

My kids are all officially in some sort of school and I’ve been to so many teacher conferences this week that I’m happy to dive back into the world of what’s awesome. Can anyone else relate?

  1. Grow Your Traffic Using Twitter – While Twitter definitely has a learning curve, it’s got some steep benefits as well.
  2. Build and Instagram Following from Scratch Instagram is a unique platform with its own rules. But you can dominate it. We know you can.
  3. Why We Don’t Delegate – Reason #2 is calling my name.
  4. 30 Words People Mispronounce I’m including this because there’s at least one I judge people on, whether that’s right or wrong. If I’m guilty of this, I’m sure others are too. Be aware of your pronunciation.
  5. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others Here’s my gift to you this Friday. Because I love you.

I’ll be spending my weekend recovering from Stranger Things and staying away from gates. Hope you’ll be doing the same!


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