Eli-Rose-Social-Media-Logo-2015Hello there, lovely people! Let’s see what was awesome on the Internet this week.

  1. Typical Facebook Ads Results It’s important to know what you should REALLY be expecting from your Facebook ads.
  2. Naming a Business Ain’t Easy Trust us, this isn’t easy. Here’s the way some of the greats have done it.
  3. Twitter Ads 101 If you need to have a quick intro to Twitter Ads, this is a great place to start.
  4. Fakebooking. It’s a Thing. If you’ve ever felt like every couple on social media is happier than you are and doing more exciting things…just remember that happier couples post less about their relationship on social media.
  5. Instagram Save Draft This is basically all my dreams come true. Happy weekend to me.

Enjoy the beginning of October! Get out there and get yourself some pumpkins!!

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Kristin has spent her career designing marketing applications that are easy to use, making technology adoption easy on businesses and their clients. She loves nothing more than to patiently show people that technology doesn't need to be scary (even though it sometimes feels like it does).

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