Your Curated Awesome for 9.2.16


No need for a long lead in. It’s Friday of Labor Day weekend – let’s get you over to #CuratedAwesome and then out the door to have fun!

Takeaways from Disney’s Social Media Moms Conference Ever wondered how a giant brand like Disney manages their content and social media? Here’s an inside peek.

Facebook Offers Brands a Revamped Offer Experience You can tell when you begin to create an Offer that the process is a lot different than it used to be.

Google will Punish “Intrusive Interstitials” with a Ranking Penalty in 2017 Obnoxious mobile pop-ups are on the outs, according to the Big G.

Facebook Releases a Snapchat-like App that’s only for High Schoolers This is sort of funny considering Facebook’s origins being only for college kids.

And just for fun…27 Nerdtastic Wedding Ideas you’ll Majorly Geek Out Over Think LEGOs, Pokemon and Mario Bros.


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