5 Times You Shouldn’t Tweet

Plenty of us are struggling to find time to everything into our busy schedules. As a result, we sometimes slate things to happen at specific times and feels compelled to do them even if – at the end of the day – the timing isn’t quite right.

Alternately, we can sometimes be caught by a spontaneous urge to take action. We’ve all had a moment of inspiration that we feel like we just have to act on right now. As much as I support getting things done when it works for you, I also strongly advocate you making good choices. The truth is, there are some times you absolutely should not tweet.

5 Times you Shouldn't Tweet

5 Times you Shouldn’t Tweet

  1. When Angry Just had a fight with your significant other? Think your child’s soccer game had an unfair ref? It’s not time to get on Twitter. Twitter is filled with people with strong opinions which means you could all too easily find yourself responding to something you shouldn’t. Similarly, Twitter is filled with people who may jump on any perceived slight. If you don’t have full control of your emotions, you don’t want to be on Twitter.
  2. When Drinking Hey! You’ve had a few drinks and you feel great! You just had THE BEST idea for promoting your business and it’s going to be AMAZING. No. Step away from Twitter. You should not be doing any business while tipsy. Social media being accessible through your phone makes it all too easy to make poor choices while imbibing.
  3. Immediately After Reading Negative Feedback If you have just read negative feedback about your business, you probably don’t want to jump on Twitter. Maybe you feel the need to get some positive reinforcement to balance it out or you just flat out want to defend yourself. Take a walk instead. Calm down. A well thought out strategy will be much better received than something fired off quickly with plenty of emotions.
  4. In the Middle of the Night Had a nightmare and you’re up at 2 am? It’s not the wisest time to be composing tweets. Your vision is blurry, your thought processes muddled, you think you just got attacked by vampire marshmallows. While it may seem like a good distraction – there are definitely better distractions than trying to improve your social media presence in the middle of the night.
  5. In the Bathroom Look, it’s not worth the risk. For so many reasons. If you’re in the bathroom, your tweet can wait.

A well thought out social media plan means not letting times that you are vulnerable or impulsive get the best of you. Take time to breath, stay away from social media – maybe call your mom if necessary. Social media should only be used when you are in control of your emotions and your messaging.



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