Your Curated Awesome for 10.7.16

Eli-Rose-Social-Media-Logo-2015The election drama drags on, somehow September seems soooooo long ago, and currently we’re facing Hurricane Matthew in the face.

Kinda makes you wonder what the rest of 2016 has in store, doesn’t it?

Let’s catch up on blog post heard ’round the world this past week!

Facebook Advertising: The Difference Between Website Clicks and Website Conversions Ads Know when to use which.

How to Get Verified on Twitter (If I Can Do It, You Can, Too!) There were a few tips included here that I hadn’t read before.

Sorry, Grammar Nerds. The Singular ‘They’ Has Been Named Word of the Year It outpaced “schlong”, “on fleek” and “dadbod”.

Twitter Reveals How God Created Animals Your comic relief for the week.



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