Track Instagram Unfollowers (& Lots More) with Followers+

I’ve personally been on Instagram for many years, but only recently decided to start an account for Eli Rose. Since a significant part of any thorough Instagram strategy includes researching and using as many of the 30 hashtags you are given, now having a public Instagram account for my business has made me acutely aware of how very much comment spam there is on Instagram. I also see how often other users try to play the Follow/Unfollow game that has been present on Twitter since, well, forever.

I can more easily ignore the deluge of spam comments from bots than have patience with those users who deliberately play the Follow/Unfollow game. I stay away from accounts that follow, say, 1,000 accounts and have 14,000 followers because there’s no way a “popular” account with this type of ratio is really *that* interested in my Instagram posts to want to legitimately follow me. But it’s all the rest of the spam Instagram accounts that I can’t get a gauge on.

I went searching the App Store on my iPhone to see if there was any option for an Instagram unfollower tracker when I discovered Followers+. It’s a free app with pretty solid free capabilities, and also offers in-app purchases to upgrade the type and depth of data you may want about your Instagram account.

Currently, I just have the free version though I admit I’m tempted to upgrade because the added analytics seem worth it.

But for now, let’s take a look at Unfollowers+ and what you can find out about your Instagram followers with the free version of the app.

Track Instagram Unfollowers with FollowersPlus

Track Instagram Unfollowers with Followers+

At the top, you’ll see your most recent Instagram photo with your current stats on that image (in this case, 32.2% engagement, 53 Likes, and 12 comments). 

Beneath that is a scrolling ticker that includes account analytics like:

  • total comments you’ve received and if that’s trending up or down
  • average comments received per video
  • average comments received per photo
  • total likes you’ve received and if that’s trending up or down
  • average count of likes received per photo
  • average count of likes received per video
  • average posts per week and if that’s trending up or down

Just beneath that ticker, you can see an engagement graph of your last 7 posts. You can also change the view of that graph to show the past 30 posts and all time.

FollowersPlus Instagram Engagement History

The circle icon with your “pulse” located immediately beneath your engagement graph can be clicked on to bring you to some “extras” like Engagement, Audience, and Lost Twitter Followers.

FollowersPlus Extra Analytics

Each of these extras are part of the Followers+ PRO edition but you can at least see what metrics will be included if you upgrade.

FollowersPlus Pro Edition Analytics

Instagram Hashtag engagement data from FollowersPlus

Back on the main view and scrolling further down, you see 2 columns of additional data. You can click on each to discover the details. Here’s what the New Followers details look like.

FollowersPlus New Instagram Follower Activity

Here’s the list of Followers you’ve lost. If you are following any of them, you can tap to unfollow from this view.

Lost Instagram Followers per FollowersPlus

The Not Following box is also a good one to check out. You can decide if you still want to follow these users even if they aren’t following you back.

With the paid version, you can add up to 3 accounts and toggle between them. If you click on the icon with 3 lines at the top left, you’ll reveal an additional menu.

I find the Posts tab pretty insightful because it ‘grades’ each post against the highest tally of comments and likes you’ve ever received. This can be helpful in deciphering what type of posts resonate most with your audience. (The ‘Schedule a Post for Later’ plus sign seen here is another feature for PRO users).

Per Post Instagram Analytics from FollowersPlus

Optimize provides data on optimal post times (you can tap on each blue square to see engagement level data).

Optimize Instagram Posts from FollowersPlus

There are also Top Mentions, Top Hashtags, Top Emojis, and Tag Amount per Post sections included here.

Optimize Instagram Hashtags using FollowersPlus

So many are constantly in search of good analytics and tracking tools…for FREE. I feel like Unfollowers+ offers tons of valuable data & functionality for your Instagram strategy with the free version of the app, and am considering paying for the upgrade to get even better data to put to use.


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