There is no 1 perfect social media platform. Every platform has its own pros and cons, and challenges to overcome in order to be successful. On Instagram, along with needing strong visuals to establish and grow a strong presence, you are pretty limited in link capabilities. In fact, I’d say the lack of clickable links is the biggest downside to using Instagram for your small business. All Instagram accounts only get 1 link in their bio, and you have to direct people from your individual Instagram posts, back to your bio to get them to click that one link.

If you are using Instagram for your business or blog, you likely have a home page, shop page or blog page linked in your Instagram bio. Some savvy small business owners may include a link to a dedicated landing page on their site to help funnel all traffic from Instagram. 

Linktree is a tool that helps alleviate some of this problem by essentially giving you a link to a landing page that you set up with additional links to direct people to different places on your site that you’d like them to go. You can update the links as needed (think: promotions or a new blog post). 

Even better – Linktree is free!

LinkTree Instagram Profile Links

Using Linktree to Get More Instagram Links

Start by creating your Linktree account. You’ll have to connect to Instagram and then add your email address to verify your new Linktree account.

Add more than 1 link to your Instagram profile

Upon signing in, Linktree will give you the new link to put into your Instagram bio.LinkTree Instagram link tool

You’ll also be guided to begin adding your links to your new LinkTree landing page.

Create new Instagram link with LinkTree

You can drag and drop your added links to whatever order you like. Simply click and hold on the black bar with the 3 white dots to change its position.

Edit Linktree links

Add or edit the name of each link by clicking on the pencil icon in the Title field. Toggle a link on or off with the switch on the right.

You’ll notice that you see a smartphone preview on the right side of your screen as you add, remove or reorder your links. About 5 links show before someone would need to scroll down, so make sure to keep your 5 most important links at the top.

On the bottom right corner of each added link, you’ll see 3 icons. The stop watch is a feature available in Linktree Pro that allows you to schedule your links to appear or disappear. This is extremely helpful for bloggers who have a regular schedule of new content publishing. This is also very helpful for online retailers who are having a limited time promotion.

Schedule link publishing on LinkTree

The graph icon is another Linktree Pro feature – link click analytics. You get a basic count of link clicks for free, but in-depth analytics come with the Pro account.

Instagram link analytics with linktree pro

Lastly, you can delete a link by clicking on the trash can icon.

The Settings tab at the top brings you to a page that gives you appearance options. Choose what color you prefer for your Linktree landing page, or create your own color scheme in Linktree Pro.

Add color to your Linktree landing page

With Linktree Pro, you also get a custom page title and Facebook pixel integration in order to be able to retarget those people who click on your Linktree bio link.

Here’s a link to more info on Linktree’s Pro offerings.

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