Convert your Instagram Profile to a Business Profile

Do you already have an Instagram account for your business and have been debating about converting it to a business account? Either because you set up your Instagram account the “normal” way and didn’t realize there’s an alternate, business version, or because you are concerned converting your Instagram Profile to a Business Instagram Profile means you’ll be stuck with whatever future plans Facebook has for the Instagram algorithm? 

Convert Instagram Profile to Business Profile

I fall into the latter category, though I know Facebook and Instagram have my number. While on Instagram, I’m asked if I want to convert my profile to a Business Profile. And when on Facebook, I keep seeing a message at the top of my Facebook Page that asks me to switch to a Business Profile.

Switch to an Instagram Business Profile in the App

To begin converting your Instagram Profile to a Business Profile, click on the gear icon on the right side of your Instagram Profile page.Instagram Personal Profile

Scroll down to the “Switch to a Business Profile” tab.

Instagram Settings to Switch to a Business Profile

Your Instagram app will walk you through a few screens that tout the benefits of converting: Insights about your followers, creating ads within the Instagram app, and new contact options for your Profile.

Get Instagram Insights with Business Profiles

If you manage multiple Facebook Pages, be sure to select the correct Page to connect and convert from the list provided.

You’ll receive a confirmation message that your Profile has been converted.

Switch to an Instagram Business Profile on your Facebook Page

If you connected your “regular” Instagram account to your Facebook Business Page in order to use the new Inbox feature Facebook offers, you’ve likely been prompted to convert your personal Instagram Profile over to a Business Profile.

Facebook encourages you to make the switch from a personal Profile to a Business Profile using a similar list of reasons as what you see on Instagram. 

Set up a Business Profile for Instagram while on Facebook

In order to convert your Instagram Profile to an Instagram Business Profile from your Facebook Page, begin by adding or editing your existing business information. These fields are populated based on what you have included on your Facebook Business Page. 

Add business info to Instagram Business Profile

After completing the conversion, your Facebook Page will direct you to your Instagram account. Your Instagram account will look very similar to how it always has except you’ll now see a graph icon at the top right on your Profile view. The graph icon is where your Insights are located. It will take some time, and the publishing of new posts to your Instagram account, before much of your Insights are available.

Confirmation of switch from Instagram personal Profile to a Business Profile


  1. Sarah Parisi

    Does switching to a business account prevent you from using the branded content tool to tag businesses?

    • The E R Team

      Hey Sarah! No, it doesn’t. You can still access the branded content tool. Thanks!


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