How to Optimize YouTube Video Descriptions

All parts of your YouTube video should be optimized to get the most from each video. YouTube videos are all about good content + discoverability, after all. YouTube is owned by Google, the King of Search. YouTube videos can be found (via search) on YouTube itself and through Google search.

With a strong video title, video description and video tags, plus strategic playlist usage and end screen elements, you can greatly increase your videos’ chances of showing up often in YouTube search as well as Google search results.

Optimize YouTube Video Descriptions

What Makes Up a Good YouTube Video Description

  • A direct link back to your site, preferably to a page or blog post that speaks directly to what’s being taught in the video (instead of merely your home page)
  • A keyword-rich text section that tells a viewer, at a glance, what is being discussed in the video
  • A general text section that names the company and what you are all about
  • Social media platform names with links to each profile
  • For longer videos, time stamps are also helpful because it calls out the important points discussed in the video and saves frustration on the viewer’s part so a viewer can easily scroll to the portion of your video they really want to hear
  • Links to related videos of your own that are already published on your channel

A strong and useful video description is fairly lengthy overall. Also, you’ll find that proper optimization incorporates a lot of SEO best practices.

Clearly the very best approach to a strong YouTube video description for your videos will somewhat depend on your industry. Here are a few examples of great YouTube video descriptions.

Derral Eves

Derral Eves is the master of YouTube video optimization. His video descriptions are so long they’d take 3 screen scrolls’ worth of screen shots to capture 1 in its entirety. Here’s the top third of the video description for this video. Click through to check it out for yourself.

Derral Eves Good YouTube video description

Countertop Epoxy

Countertop Epoxy offers tons of homeowner DIY tutorials on their channel. This video description is a great example of time stamps in use. You’ll also notice that time stamps in YouTube video descriptions are clickable and when clicked, it forwards the video to that exact minute and second.

Countertop Epoxy YouTube video description

Eli Rose Social Media

This video that calls out 6 specific tips was a good candidate for time stamps. Remember, the nature of your videos, your industry, and each video’s length will impact, to some degree, the optimal video description. 

Eli Rose Social Media Youtube video description

Your YouTube video descriptions are important for viewer reasons as well as YouTube platform search reasons. Taking the time to make them work for you will pay off in more discoverability and views.


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