Adding a LinkedIn Pixel to your Website

LinkedIn is an online professional network disguising itself as a social media network. If you’re active on other social media platforms in addition to LinkedIn, you are likely accustomed to LinkedIn being a few steps behind – features and functionality-wise – its other major social media counterparts. Even though we’ve been able to create and add a Facebook pixel to your site for years, much more recently, LinkedIn has added this functionality, too. LinkedIn calls its pixel an “Insight Tag”.

So let’s take a look at the steps you take to create and add a LinkedIn pixel (Insight Tag) to your site to begin retargeting site visitors for LinkedIn ads.

Adding a LinkedIn Pixel to your Website

How to Add a LinkedIn Insight Tag to your Website

From, click on the Work drop down in the upper right corner.

LinkedIn Work

Doing so will reveal a pop-up menu. Choose “Advertise”.

LinkedIn Advertise

(Alternately, you can visit this link.) 

Click on the Create Ad button in the upper right hand corner. Even though we’re simply setting up our LinkedIn Insight Tag right now, it’s housed within the Create Ad interface.

LinkedIn Create Ad

In this next view, you’ll need to either create an add account for your business (if you haven’t already done so), or choose your ad account from your list.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Next, click on the Website Demographics tab in the navigation, and you’ll be asked to setup your LinkedIn Tag.

LinkedIn Insight Tag Setup

Click on the setup button to add the URLs you’ll be using this LinkedIn Pixel on, and to grab the LinkedIn tag to paste onto your site.

Get LinkedIn Retargeting Pixel

Much like with your Facebook Pixel, your LinkedIn Tag needs to be placed within the <head></head> tags of your site.

You can also click to send Tag installation instructions to your email account.

Once you’d added the html for your LinkedIn Tag to your site and added the domain(s) you want tracked in your account, then visit your site to activate the pixel and change the pixel status from Unverified to Verified.

LinkedIn notes that verification can take 60 minutes to 24 hours, so patience may required. Once your domain is verified, you’ll see it marked as such in green.

Verified Domain with LinkedIn

Now you are beginning to track visitors to your website, to remarket to on LinkedIn.

For LinkedIn Tag frequently asked questions, click here.



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