6 Ways to Engage your LinkedIn Connections

If you are looking for a social media platform that provides several ways to engage with other users, LinkedIn Profiles top that list. Often seen as the underdog in the social media world, LinkedIn Profiles offer a powerful way to proactively stay top of mind with current as well as potential customers. Let’s look at 6 ways you can engage with other LinkedIn users in a meaningful way.

6 Ways to Engage your LinkedIn Connections

6 Ways to Engage your LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn Profiles are similar to Facebook Profiles in the sense that there must be a mutual acceptance from both parties for a Connection to be made. (On other social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest, one user can follow another without a reciprocal follow.) Once you have made a new Connection with another LinkedIn user, you can engage with them by:

  • Liking, commenting on and sharing your Connections’ posts Just like all other social media platforms, you can engage with those you are connected to by liking, commenting on and sharing the updates they post.
  • Tag your Connection in a new update or a comment This feature isn’t something you want to overdo for fear of coming off as spammy. However, tagging people in a relevant post or comment by typing “@” and then their name will notify them of your tag. This can be a great way to recognize an achievement of theirs or simply alert them to a thread or article they might find particularly interesting.
  • Send personalized Connection requests This suggestion is a bit different than the rest because it’s something you would do before becoming a LinkedIn Connection. However, customizing your Connection request message not only greatly increases the chances your request is accepted, but it’s an excellent way to introduce yourself and highlight what you and this user have in common. Make the most of this chance to make a memorable first impression.
  • Acknowledge work anniversaries and congratulate your Connections on new positions LinkedIn excels at notifying users of their Connections’ work anniversaries and new job announcements. What better – and easier – way to be seen and thought of by your Connections than to recognize significant career news.
  • Endorse your Connections for their posted Skills Visit the Profiles of any of your Connections and scroll down to the Skills & Endorsements section to endorse your Connections for skills relevant to their career. If a Connection has added Skills to their Profiles and you haven’t yet endorsed them for that skill, you’ll see a plus sign next to the skill. If you have already endorsed a Connection for that skill, you’ll see a check mark next to the skill. Your Connections will be notified of your Endorsement(s). Make sure to only endorse your Connections for Skills you personally have experience with. Otherwise, it may come off like you are “brown nosing” just to get their attention..
  • Recommend your Connections, which are prominently displayed on their LinkedIn Profile Far more significant than an Endorsement, you can give a Connection a professional Recommendation that will be displayed on their LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn Recommendations are the same as a recommendation you’d give as a reference for a colleague going through the interview process and should be taken seriously. However, if you have a strong working relationship with a Connection, writing a Recommendation for that person will go a long way and help you stand out in their minds.Give LinkedIn Recommendation

In an online space that’s so noisy and can be difficult to directly interact with others, LinkedIn offers a refreshing set of options to engage with other platform users that are most significant to your business and goals.



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