Website Audit Service for Small Businesses

Having a website for your small business – or any business – is an absolute must. But simply having a website doesn’t mean it’s positively contributing to your overall business, marketing, or sales strategies. Websites need to look current, be easy to use, have lots of rich, valuable content, be mobile-responsive, and be optimized for organic search. You as the business owner may think your website is in good shape, but also be wondering if you can do better. Or, you may know your small business website needs a lot of work, but have no clue where to get started with that. That’s where our website audit service for small businesses comes into play.

Website audit services for small business

Small Business Website Audit Service

No more guessing if people can find what they are looking for on your website, get the answers they need from the content on your pages or blog posts, find you on Google for common keyword phrases related to what you sell, and the like. You can have an honest, fresh set of eyes assess everything on your small business website – from your site graphics and layout, to your content, content organization, and website features, to your contact forms and SEO.

Our Website Audit service includes assessment of:

  • Overall look and feel of your site
  • Layout and navigation
  • Graphics/Images, font usage, and colors
  • Content organization, depth, and value
  • Call(s) to action
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Footer and sidebar areas
  • Forms and social media buttons/links
  • SEO implementation
  • Website functionality like social media sharing plugin, newsletter signup boxes, privacy policy, cookie notice, etc.
  • Installation of Google Analytics and Search Console (if not already done)

Results from your website audit will be delivered to you in a document that covers – line item by line item – the review of the critical features and functions every proper website needs. 

If you have a blog as part of your website, we can include that as part of our website audit, too.

Our Blog Assessment service includes:

  • Blog layout
  • Individual blog post layout and features (amount of content, headings, image use, etc.)
  • Sidebar features like Categories, Tags, and Recent Posts
  • Comment and comment reply capabilities
  • Related posts feature
  • Blog and email subscription boxes

Your blog audit will be delivered to you in a document that covers each assessment point. 

Reasons to Have your Website Audited:

  • You are about to undergo a website redesign
  • You had a new website built but it doesn’t seem to be performing well
  • You want to do the best with what you have, whether it be a brand new website or a site that’s 5+ years old.

Your website is the online home base for your small business…it’s the online version of a brick and mortar store. Any online marketing you are doing is directing people back to your website. The single best thing you can do to ensure you have a strong foundation for your total online marketing strategy is ensuring your website is well-built in all the possible ways.

Find out how well your website is working for you! Contact us via the form below for questions or to get started. Or, call us at 901-496-3902.

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