Instagram Account Management Service

It may be “just an app”, but establishing and growing an Instagram Business account that fully utilizes all of the available Instagram Business features is part-time job in and of itself. Instagram for Business began in a much simpler form: posting photos and videos while using well-researched hashtags and engaging with other users. Over time, it introduced Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, Instagram Highlights, and now both Facebook and Instagram host Reels videos, too. Creating and posting videos and photos to the regular Instagram feed, and with well-written captions and strategic hashtags, is plenty for a busy small business owner to keep up with. And then when you add in creating content for Stories and planning Highlights, Instagram quickly moves from a simple, app-based platform of posting pretty photos, to a full-fledged visual marketing + engagement platform based in original content creation. Our Instagram Account Management service was designed specifically with the busy small business owner in mind.

Instagram Account Management Service

Get Help Managing your Instagram Account

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all you can be doing with your Instagram Business account? Are you finding it hard to keep up with regular photo posting, let alone hashtag research? Is “Instagram engagement” on your list of things you would do if you had more time? Keep reading to learn more about our Instagram Account Management service and options.

Instagram Account Management (Standard)

  • Posting photos or videos to your Instagram account, including writing captions, and using hashtags and emojis
  • Replying to comments and private messages (DMs) received
  • Liking and commenting on posts and Stories published by those you follow
  • Liking and commenting on posts and Stories published by users using relevant hashtags
  • Reposting (per client directives) others’ posts or Stories to your Instagram account
  • Searching Instagram for other content that uses your branded hashtag

Instagram Account Management (Advanced)

Our Advanced Instagram Account Management service includes everything in our Standard Instagram Account Management package, plus:

  • Instagram Story creation and posting
  • Instagram Highlight creation and management
  • Maintaining Instagram bio links (as needed)

Note: While it is highly recommended for a client to provide original media for posting on the Instagram Business Account, it is not required for Instagram Account management. If a client has a website, blog, or online store, we can capture images to use on Instagram.

We’re ready to dive as deeply into Instagram as you would like, and can adjust our Instagram Business Account management offerings as needed.

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