Pinterest: Claim your Website, YouTube, Etsy & Instagram

Pinterest began integration with other platforms with its rollout of a “claim” process of your YouTube channel, Etsy shop, and Instagram account. It’s been possible to claim your website for your Pinterest account for some time, and now you can also connect these 3 other platforms to Pinterest, bringing additional benefits to you. 

Pinterest notification to claim youtube etsy instagram

For Pinterest users who have their account for business reasons, claiming your website plus any other profile enhances your analytics, increases your Pinterest account’s Monthly Views tally, and enhances branding opportunities in the Pinterest feed. 

Pinterest: Claim your Website, YouTube, Etsy & Instagram

Claiming your Website, YouTube Channel, Instagram Account & Etsy Shop on Pinterest

Your Pinterest Settings page is where you visit in order to claim your website, Instagram account, YouTube channel, and Etsy store with Pinterest. When you claim your website, your profile photo will show up next to any pins that come from your website, and you’ll be able to access Pinterest analytics for your account. You’ll also start seeing a globe icon next to your website URL shown on your profile.

Claim website youtube etsy instagram with pinterest account

How to Claim your Website on Pinterest

To claim your site with Pinterest, you’ll first need to add your website URL into the “claim your website” field, and click the red “Claim” button.

claim your website with pinterest

Pinterest will provide you with a line of code that needs to be added to your website. Choose between copying/pasting the line of code within the <head> tags of your site, or uploading a file to your site’s root directory.

add html to site to claim with pinterest profile

Once you’ve added the html code to your site, click to verify. It may take up to 24 hours for you to receive your confirmation email from Pinterest that your website has been verified.

For additional assistance, visit Pinterest’s “Claim your Website” instructions here.

How to Claim your YouTube, Instagram and Etsy Profiles on Pinterest

You’ll benefit in the same ways when you connect your YouTube, Instagram and Etsy profiles to Pinterest as you do from connecting your website to your Pinterest account. You’ll be able to receive analytics on pins of your content (not just pins of your content made by you), and your profile photo will show up next to any pins made from your account. People can also click through from your pins to visit these linked accounts. YouTube and Etsy accounts can be linked from your computer or iOs or Android smart phone, but Pinterest says your Instagram account needs to be claimed from your iOs or Android device. (I was able to claim my Instagram account from my browser on my MacBook).

When you click to claim your YouTube account, you’ll have to grant permissions to Pinterest.

pinterest permissions to claim youtube

Once you do, your YouTube account will be claimed by Pinterest.

You’ll have to approve permissions for Pinterest for your Instagram account, too. Also, your Instagram account needs to be public in order to claim it on Pinterest.

After claiming one of more of these platforms on Pinterest, it will take a few days for previous pins to be attributed to your Pinterest account and figured into your monthly views count. You also are able to unclaim any of these profiles at any time. Simply visit this same Settings page and click the grey “Unclaim” button.

For more information on claiming your YouTube channel, Instagram account or Etsy shop, visit Pinterest’s help link.



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